In recent times, the practice of cremation has gained an increase in prominence as a preferred alternative to conventional interment. Be that as it may, still many conservatives cling on to the long-established funerary customs they are familiar with. However, there are sound reasons as to why others choose this rite over ordinary burial, just as there are ways to do so and still be able to cater to tradition.

funeralAmong the reasons why cremation has become so favored is the concern over burial costs. One may not wish to saddle their families with the burden of paying for an expensive funeral, and thus they see having their remains cremated as the only viable cost-effective option. Some reasons are personal, such as wanting to remain near their loved ones even after death. There are those who belong to religions wherein such a ritual is considered customary.

And then there are those with rather unconventional reasons for their choice. Some would cite environmental factors; there is only so much space left in the ground for a grave to take up after all. There are even those who wish to have their ashes used as soil to plant flowers or trees in. Others are philosophical; there are those who request to have their remains be scattered out to sea or to be as one with the wind, a symbolic act of newfound freedom from the cares of life.

In deference to the traditionalists, cremation does not necessarily mean that a proper funeral is to be dispensed with –

There are crematories that have adjoining funeral chapels, and the deceased’s family has the choice of holding a funeral service before or after the body is to be cremated. Holding a funeral this way is actually an advantage. A body cannot be kept lying in repose for too long before decomposition sets in. But by having the ashes interred instead, it allows more time to plan the memorial service and get everyone together in due time to pay their final respects.

In the case of a post-cremation funeral, the departed’s ashes can be placed inside a traditional casket. Alternatively, the remains may also be placed in a special casket, which is not as costly as a regular one due to its simple design and the different materials used in building it. They can come in various styles depending on the taste and preference of the customer.

funeralIn lieu of a casket, the ashes of the deceased will of course be placed inside an urn. They come in many kinds, from hardwood to ceramic, and even bronze or steel. If one is undecided on the style of urn to go for, it’s best to put the remains in a temporary container for the time being. Temporary urns are also used if the ashes are not meant to be kept in possession, such as if they are intended to be scattered. As such, it is not recommended to put them on permanent display. These containers can also come in different materials, such as plastic or sheet bronze, and some even come in the form of a silk bag.

In anticipating the event of their passing, there are different reasons why many choose to be cremated rather than buried. But for the most part, it comes down to what they think is practical for them and the loved ones that they will leave behind. Old customs need not be discarded entirely, though. Do keep in mind that there is always room for a traditional funeral service before or after cremation, and at a lower cost than in a typical burial. For more services click

Advantages of Getting SEO Consultant Services

Studies show that more than 90% of customers shift to online research and shopping of products or services. Hiring the services of an SEO consultant can promote your website’s traffic ranking, and productivity. Realizing the importance of an online presence to a business, many companies are now investing in SEO experts. Businesses compete for higher ranking to increase their revenues.

Developing a website for your business is just an initial phase of promoting your products. You need to boost your visibility to prospective customers. SEO consultants offer comprehensive services, such as assessing, evaluating, recommending and training to boost your site. Their expertise about the dynamic online trends, keeps the client abreast of the latest movements and developments in business.


Here are some of the advantages of hiring an SEO consulting services:
• SEO will generate traffic into your website.

Without the help of an SEO consulting service, your website may never reach a high rank in search engines. Their services guarantee exposure and increase of your site’s ranking in about 30-90 days. SEO services direct potential clients by the use of appropriate keywords. Studies show that the site in the first rank acquires 36% of all the views, second rank gains 12% views and the third rank gets 9%. The percentage declines as the ranking plummets. Being at the topmost rank guarantees recognition of your brand and increase sales.

Your webpage delivers impressive performance and becomes available any time to many prospects. SEO consultant identifies and entices your target market. They provide you with suitable strategies that will attract people to visit your website. More visitors on your website translate to higher earnings. Indeed, it is a wise investment because it yields substantial returns without the need for costly marketing tools. SEO services help your business achieve success. Gain access to an expert SEO consultant at

• SEO consulting service will monitor the entire process.

Submission of weekly or monthly reports is part of their services. The data will allow you to see the improvement of your site; hence, you have more time to focus on the different aspects of your business. Hiring an SEO expert relieves you from the stress of running a website on your own.

• SEO consultants have the expertise.

Although you are aware of SEO, or researching about the topic, you may still be lacking the expertise to improve your site’s ranking. Your company’s success should not rely on trials and experiments. Inexperience may produce untoward effects on your page ranking. Inappropriate actions can even result to the cancellation of your site from different search engines.

SEO company’s experiences with different industries enable them to address your specific requirements and condition. To find out how an SEO expert can optimize your website, visit us at

• The SEO expert continuously seeks updates about the changes in SEO.

Seo Consulting ServicesMaintaining a high rank in search engines involves gaining knowledge about constant modifications in SEO policies and algorithms. If you collaborate with them, they will guide you on how your business can deal with the changes. You get the assurance that they will handle any online marketing problem. For more details on how your business can benefit from an SEO consultant, you can visit our website,

SEO consulting services are tailored to your business needs. Since you are accountable for your choices, you need to select reliable SEO consulting services after an extensive research. The internet will respond with numerous providers from different parts of the world. Read reviews to find out the quality of service experienced by previous clients. Likewise, you can coordinate with the consultant to get a first-hand interaction. Responding to your inquiries with honest and informative answers is a good start to knowing if they can be a possible SEO partner.

Enhancing your website by getting the services of an SEO consultant, just like what we offer, is a means of ensuring high profit from your business. Professional SEO can increase your online exposure, boost traffic, and generate profit. Discover the difference our professional SEO consultants can contribute to your business by checking out our site,

Have A Stress-Free Transfer To A New Home

Moving out from our current place of residence and transferring to a new one can be very exhausting. We have to acquire a great deal of physical strength in order to carry and move around our things; to pack and load them up in an orderly fashion. And, it is time consuming if done for several times in a row.

The task can be even more draining when we have accumulated plenty of things over the period of time that we have spent in our current homes. Perhaps some of us have even invested on big and expensive furniture and appliances, which you have chosen not to bring along with you as you transfer.

TransportHowever, throwing or giving those things away is not an option for us either, for the furniture and appliances that we are to withhold are still in good working conditions and it is a shame to just put it to waste. Moreover, our relocations would be valid only for a short period of time; closing our doors completely to our current address is not definitive. Sooner or later, some of us may even come back. So for the time being, we just opt to leave our stuff behind for a certain period of time until we are ready to use it again.

One of our main concerns now is, where should we place all our extra things without having to worry about losing them or having its’ quality compromised? How will we be able to safe keep our big furniture and appliances that we are to momentarily spare?

Some Most Common Uses Of Storage container Are As Follows:

Storage container is the best answer to our need. It is specially designed for residential purposes (and for commercial purposes as well). The container can be customized to meet our moving out requirements. It is very wide, high and spacious for our big appliances and furniture to fit in. Full assistance will be given to us in loading all our fixtures and appliances inside the container. We also do not have to worry about our things being tampered in any way as the storage container has enough room for our things to be properly and safely placed side by side while protecting them from acquiring any scratches and damages on its surfaces.

Furthermore, state of the art special security locks are tightly and perfectly built on every storage container door, so we can also be guaranteed that our appliances and furniture that we have invested on are a hundred percent secured and safely kept inside each unit that is designated for us. Also, this container is made water proof/ water resistant, so we can be assured that maximum protection for our valuables are given.

Usage of this storage container is very easy for all of us to avail of and follow. We may rent as many containers as we wish, depending on the number of our items that we need safekeeping. We may begin our transaction and reservation of this storage container via phone call. All important documents and full access – transport container keys, schedule of entry and visitation to the warehouse/office, and hot lines to call- of the rented containers will be personally handed to us upon sealing the deal and verifying our transactions.

Going through all the scenarios of packing things and clearing out our current home can sure be exhausting, but with this storage container being of huge help to us in our moving out needs and in giving genuine care for our valuables, transferring to our new home can now be completely stress free and more enjoyable for each and every member of our household.

Buying Pre-owned Vs Brand New Callaway Golf Clubs

Callaway golf clubs are known for their superior quality, but usually come with a big price tag. Well, you can buy pre-owned golf clubs. Yes, these golf clubs are secondhand but they are still of excellent condition. The question though is, “should you go for pre-owned or brand new?”

What are the things you need to remember when buying pre-owned golf clubs?

Discounted Price

GolfIn golf, your clubs are the most important investment you could and should have. However, when you do not have money to spend on brand new golfing equipment, the next option is buying pre-owned ones. These pre-owned clubs are cheaper than their brand new counterparts. You can buy them at a discounted price, and they often come with a money-back guarantee.

Certified Callaway Golf Club

To ensure you are buying the real deal, check whether the golf equipment is certified. That way, you do not have to worry about it being counterfeit.

Quality golf Clubs

Despite being pre-owned, these clubs still have the same quality as that of brand new ones. The company refurbishes the club before it is sent to you. Performance is still at its best.


If you dislike the golf club you bought, you could send it back and ask for a refund. Do take note however, that the money you’ll get depends on how long you’ve been using the club. Remember that these guarantees differ among companies, so it would surely be necessary to read the fine print before you decide to purchase a secondhand club.


Getting a custom fit club is still possible when buying pre-owned. Grip and shaft length are the parts that can be customized. Grip handle can be changed according to your preference, while the shaft length can be increased or decreased according to your ability or handicap as a golfer.

Limited Golf clubs

The only drawback of going for pre-owned clubs is limited stocks. Most companies only trade in a limited style of golf clubs. So, your choices are only limited to what is offered in their pre-owned online store.

Shipment Costs

Another drawback is you pay for any shipment cost for every item sent, regardless of whether it’s for replacement or a trade-in.

Options in Buying a Pre-owned Golf Club
Buy from Certified retailer

Callaway Golf authorizes retailers and they are listed in the company’s online store. Check the nearest retailer near you and ask if they have pre-owned golf clubs. The disadvantage is not all retailers have pre-owned clubs.


Another way of owning a pre-owned club is trading in your old clubs at a price equal to the value of your trade-ins. In case the value of what you’re trading in isn’t enough, you have to pay for the difference. Even though you are paying for the difference, the amount is minimal and is often discounted. However, you have to know the allowable condition clubs for trade ins. Golf club heads that rattle are not accepted. A slight shaft burn due to constant use is okay, but grips that were replaced through DIY means are not allowed. For a complete guide, it would be better to ask for assistance from the company before sending in your clubs for trading.

Swap with friends or colleagues

It is common to swap with friends and colleagues. If your friend or colleague is generous, you can have a pre-owned club without having to pay for the difference in value. However, you have to remember that the club may not be custom fit for you. Yes, you have seen the performance of the club, but consider the fact that it was your friend using it. You and your friend have different overall physiques despite any similarities in height and arm length. Your swing may still be a lot different from that of your colleague.

Buying Brand New

Brand new equipment cost a lot. You can avail of discounts but the club may still be expensive and may not be within your budget. The advantage is you have more choices, compared to buying pre-owned. You do not have to wait for available stocks since every store has stocks.

Though, no one is stopping you from investing in brand new golf clubs. Considering your budget, buying pre-owned Callaway Golf clubs is definitely an option. Buying pre-owned golf clubs enables you to save money while you are looking for the perfect fit. Especially if you area newbie in the sport, pre-owned clubs may be a better choice.

You can still send back the brand new golf club after trying it in a few rounds in golf, exchanging it for another one. However, such practice would be the same as wasting money. Remember, every item you send back to the company (because you dislike how the club performs), you end up paying for shipment expenses.

Challenge Coins: How They Started

There are lots of things that symbolize camaraderie in the military, but only a few are as well-recognized as the tradition of having a challenge coin – a small token or medallion that represents a person’s membership of a group. Although challenge coins have been used by private organizations, they are still somewhat of a mystery for people who are not in the armed forces.

Aside from the usual size of 1 ½ to 2 inches in diameter, these coins also come in odd shapes such as pentagons, dog tags, shields, and arrowheads. In general, they are made of nickel, copper, or pewter with different kinds of finishes. Most coins have carvings of the emblem or motto of the organization and some are designed with cut outs, enamel highlights, etc.


Challenge CoinsIt is almost impossible to know exactly where the practice of challenge coins started. One of the first known cases of a soldier who was monetarily rewarded for valor was in Ancient Rome. At that time, a soldier’s noteworthy performance in battle meant his usual payment and a coin as a bonus. According to some stories, the coin has a special imprint of the unit’s symbol that is why some of them keep it as a souvenir.

These days, the tradition of these coins in the military is far more distinct. Although a lot of coins are still given out as tokens for a job well done, there are officials who give them almost like an autograph or a business card. Moreover, some coins are used by soldiers like an ID badge as a proof that they are members of a particular unit. Other coins are also given out to private citizens and some are sold at fundraising events.

The First Official Challenge Coin

While nobody is certain how these coins started, one account goes back to the First World War, when a wealthy American officer gave out bronze medallions with the flying squadron’s emblem. Soon after, one of the pilots in the same unit was shot and imprisoned by the German army. The Germans took his belongings except for the small leather pouch worn around his neck that held his medallion. He was able to escape and come across a French outpost, but the French thought he was a spy and sentenced him to death by firing squad. He showed the medallion as a proof of his identity as an American combat pilot. A French soldier recognized the emblem and the execution was stopped. He was sent back to his unit after his identity was confirmed.

Col. William “Buffalo Bill” Quinn of the 17th Infantry Regiment issued one of the first challenge coins. The coins were distributed to his men during the Korean War. One side of the coin has a buffalo and the tegiment’s emblem on the other. There was a hole on top so it can be worn around the soldiers’ necks.

The Challenge

According to some accounts, the challenge started in Germany after the Second World War. The Americans posted there were engaged in the local custom of doing “pfennig checks.” The pfennig had the least value of coin in Germany, and if someone did not have one when a check was called, they had to buy beers. It evolved into a unit’s medallion that soldiers used to “challenge” one another. If the other soldier was not able to show his medallion, he had to buy drinks for everyone who had their coin.

Outside the Military

Currently, different organizations use challenge coins for varied reasons. It is now also common for fire departments and police to have these coins. A lot of private businesses use corporate coins to recognize their employees and celebrate their company’s success.

At Challenge Coins 4 Less,We offer a full range of great options to customize and protect your coin products and make them a part of everyday life. We offer a range of attractive coin options that will enhance the appearance of your keepsake coins and make them unique.

5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Home from Garden City Realty instead of Leasing One

Did you know that Garden City Realty brokers are more than happy to help the potential occupants decide whether to get a condo unit or a house itself? They give their clients different brochures together with the price brackets so they can already weigh their options before sitting down with the broker and closing the deal.

Not all brokers are trained this way since there are some brokers who are only after meeting their monthly sales quotas. They do not exert any effort especially after they have already closed the deal. What is great about Garden City Realty is that their goal is to provide the best housing options to their clients. You can also visit li-realestatefinder the winery and try out the vintage wines.

For them, they would love to explain to their future clients that there are 5 reasons why they should have their own homes instead of merely leasing.

Reason #1: U.S. Tax Breaks.

The U.S. Tax Code allows you to make deductions on the interest that you will be paying. The payables are similar to the mortgages, property taxes, and other costs that are included when you purchase the house.

Reason #2: Real Property Gain

Real EstatesOverall, the prices of homes throughout the country have increased by 5.4% in the last five years. Though there are no guarantees that the purchased investment will have a steady appreciation, having a home of your own will endow you with a higher ROI should you wish to sell it in the near future. Such appreciations will not be achieved if the invested capital is to be used instead to pay leasing fees.

Reason #3: No Owed Money with the Federal Income Tax

Buying a house from Garden City Realty will give the buyer a savings plan since he will not be at a loss when he sells the property within the next few years. It is mandated by law that married couples who have acquired such assets will have savings of as much as $500,000 without having to worry about owing Federal Income Tax with unpaid dues.

Reason #4: Sense of Freedom and Ownership

If you decide to lease a condo unit or even a house in this manner, your customization of the unit’s interior will be limited. You cannot add another floor to your house or tear down the small room to design it as adjoining with the next room. There are many possibilities you can have when you own the house you are living in.

Reason #5: Social Awareness in Living with a Community

Living in a rented space will not give your home an identity since it may not be yours if you fail to pay the rent. If you have your own home, the house itself becomes an extension of your personality that allows neighbors in the community to associate the place with its occupants. It is like saying “The gentleman who lives in the house with the purple roof is to be elected as the new homeowners’ association president.” It is a much more cordial appellation than “the one who lives in apartment 4G.”

7 Biggest Mistakes Keynote Speakers Do

Many keynote speakers who fail to take their career to the next level often commit mistakes that make them boring and unbelievable. Do not be one of them; avoid these seven biggest mistakes:

1.Not establishing eye contact

When you are facing hundreds of audiences, it is easy to lose connection or not consider establishing it in the first place. The point is not really to establish eye contact with all of them. Rather, it is to show that you are trying to communicate on a personal level, with sincerity and compassion. Those you establish eye contact with will feel the connection, while those who see you do it will feel your authenticity.

2.Imitating other speakers

When you try too much to copy the style, tone, gesture, and message of other keynote speakers, the audience sees you as unbelievable, like an amateur trying to make a parody out of well-known public speaking figures. You cannot establish a successful career as a speaker if you keep on hiding behind somebody else’s shadow.

3.Speaking in a monotone

Many keynote speakers think formality always sounds monotonic – that sounding animated will make them look immature and inappropriate. However, old school public speaking is now getting more frowns as newer generations enter politics, academes, and business circles. Younger audiences are more energetic, so the last thing they want is to hear a speaker talking like a radio announcer in the 60s.

4.Starting with long acknowledgment and introduction

It is not new for speakers to start by greeting the other guests, organizers, and audience, and throw some compliments like businessmen trying to fawn over a client. It is a form of courtesy, but the lack thereof does not imply the opposite.

Motivational SpeakerAudiences hate to hear routine greetings because they also tend to anticipate boredom, which is what long speeches are known for. Just by using your first minute on unnecessary acknowledgments, you already lose the chance to catch your audience’s attention and pique their interest. The introduction of VIPs is the responsibility of another speaker, usually the one who gives the opening remarks and not of keynote speakers. The VIPs will understand if you do not mention them at all, unless they are attention seekers of course.

5.Not taking time to mingle with the audience

Formal events usually have “networking breaks” before, in between, and after a program. This is for the guests who want to establish connection with others, like businessmen trying to gain contacts or introduce their businesses with potential clients and investors. You should take advantage of these opportunities to show your authority and establish your credibility, especially if there are influential people in the audience (such as journalists). You can create more impact if your audience already has high expectations of you.

6.Over-preparing and over-practicing

When you practice your speech too often, even minutes before you appear, there is a possibility that you will sound unnatural and speak too fast. The audience will know if you rehearsed too much because you’d sound exactly like that. Just understand the essence of your speech, and let it come out like you really mean it.

7.Reading a speech verbatim

Doing it this way is wrong for four reasons.

First, it is easy to get lost in your own speech if you follow your note word for word. Your eyes can miss where you ended and you are gone. The audience knows when you are lost.

Second, you might sound like reading it, which reduces credibility and authority. Some people in the audience might even think that you are reading somebody else’s speech.

Third, it reduces your chances of establishing eye contact, simply because you are busy reading your speech line by line.

Lastly, there is a chance that you miss the important parts that need emphasis and connection.

Instead of writing your speech word for word, leave some parts where you only have keywords and key points to share. The flow will sound more natural this way.

Simple PCB Assembly Process

A printed circuit board (PCB) is the most widely used mechanical support and electrical connection of electronic parts of modern day circuits. Its base is made of a non-conductive substrate material, most of the time fiberglass, phenolic, or epoxy. Copper is laminated onto the substrate to serve as its conductor, then a soldermask is also coated onto the copper to form conductive paths and pads based on a detailed designer-made pattern.

Pcb AssemblyThere are three types of PCBs available in the market. These are referred to according to the number of copper conducting layers each one possesses. They are: Single sided, double sided, and multi-layer. For double sided and multi-layer, the different layers are linked to one another through plated holes named vias.

PCB assembly is the process of creating a PCB by bonding or laminating a substrate, conductor, and soldermask together, and adding a silkscreen layer on the outermost surface for labeling and as guidance mechanism in mounting the different components of an electronic circuit based on a specific design.

Once all the parts are soldered, mounted, and ready to be used, the printed circuit board is now similarly termed as a PCB assembly.

Two Ways to Mount Components

There are two ways to mount electronic components onto a PCB, and they are called through-hole technology and surface-mount technology. The most widely-used method at present is the surface-mount, as parts are directly soldered onto the surface of the board. This makes surface-mount technology ideal for the more compact designs that modern gadgets have today.

The through-hole method uses protruding lead legs from electronic parts to be inserted through holes in the circuit board. Afterwards, the legs are soldered onto it on the other side. This process greatly limited the space that can be utilized in a single PCB, but is still occasionally being used today for simpler circuit designs.

The PCB Assembly Process

The modern process of making a PCB is actually quite sophisticated, especially when fabricating the contemporary designs of today. Most of them need specialized tools and equipment and should be done in an extremely clean room for faster and more efficient mass production.

However, simpler designs can still be made manually, and there are many electronic enthusiasts who fabricate their own PCBs at home using practical DIY techniques.

Four layers are laminated together to form a single PCB. Starting from the center of the board, they are: substrate, conductor (typically copper), soldermask, and silkscreen.

Below is a simplified step-by-step process of making a PCB that is applicable for beginners to easily understand its concept.

1.  After preparing the substrate, a copper layer is then coated on top of it. The copper layer is placed depending on the type of method used in creating the circuit pattern. The two methods are either additive or subtractive.

2. In the subtractive method, the entire surface of the substrate is laminated with copper, and then the undesired portions are etched away. The additive method is the opposite as the copper pattern is directly electroplated on the substrate.

3. After the copper pattern is securely bonded with the substrate, a solder mask is then laminated onto the board. This thin layer of polymer protects the board from oxidation and keeps the conductive parts of the circuit from touching one another.

4. A silkscreen layer is then coated on top of the board. This layer contains labels, names, designators, and sometimes specific instructions, on the parts that are to be mounted on the PCB assembly.

5. The next step is the mounting of circuit components, which, as mentioned above, can either be through-hole or surface-mount.

6. For through-hole, small holes are first drilled on the board where the components are to be inserted.

7. For surface-mount, drilling is no longer needed as the parts are directly soldered onto the circuit board.

8. After all the components are mounted, then the PCB assembly is finished and ready to be used for its intended purpose.

High quality Printed Circuit Board fabrication and Pcb assembly. We ship PCB Prototypes the Same Day! INSTANT on-line quote and ordering. From prototype to production of single, double, and multilayer PC Boards.

Learn More About a Cool Mister

CoolMistingFanUsing patio misters, also referred to as patio misting system, is one of the most effective ways of keeping the patio cool and refreshing during the hottest time of the day. Patio mister involves using a high pressure pump to lower the temperature outside by thirty degrees. This will make the environment much cooler, tolerable and more comfortable on your patio.

Benefits of Using Misters

One of the primary benefits of having patio misters is that it can make the temperature outside cooler even during summer. It can also keep the environment at the ideal moisture levels, which means not too dry, too muggy or too humid and less dust, pollen and other debris in the air. The misting system is very friendly to individuals who suffer allergies.

Function of Misters

Mist FanThe patio mister retrieves water from the water line and pump it through different tubes. The tubes include several nozzles that releases the water in the form of microscopic droplets. The tinier the droplets the better since it feels more like a real cool air. To release smaller droplets, you need higher pressure pumps.

If you don’t have the money to invest in a high pressure pump, you can opt for a lower pressure pump which is much cheaper but can still make the air cool and pleasant. As compared to higher pressure pump which can lower the temperature by 30 degrees, lower pressure pump can reduce the temperature only by 10 degrees. This can somewhat still improve the temperature on hot, uncomfortable days.

to Consider When Choosing a Mister

Patio misters are ideal for those who are living in hot, arid place. It is also beneficial in places with lots of humidity in the air. Also, if the temperature is above 90 degrees, humidity tends to lessen, and the patio misting system becomes more important.

Other Types of Misters

Sliding Door Misters

For those who don’t have a patio, installing a mister is still possible. You can install it at the edge of the roof, located above the windows and sliding door, this extends around 2” from your side wall. The misting system can make the sidewall cooler, especially when the sun is shining directly at it. It will reduce the cost of your electricity bill because it will drop down the heat transfer.

Balcony Misters

To cool down the temperature in your balcony during hot days, you can use a diverter valve on your faucet to connect the mister tubing. You can order the diverter valve, if you don’t have a garden hose faucet in your balcony.

Frame Misters

For a handy individual, you can put a PVC pipe frame and run your misters to produce a cubical with your side wall misting system.

Places Where You Can Install Misters

Misting systems have been used at resorts to provide comfort to the guests. They make sure that their guests will have a relaxing time while staying around the pool and patio areas. Some restaurants also use this technology. Every time water misting system is used, one thing is for sure, people are attracted to them like magnets. The cooling effect of water creates an oasis from the heat of the sun.

Using mister can help you in lowering your air conditioning bills. Even if it is 100 degrees outside, with your misting system you can reduce the temperature by 30 degrees or cooler. So, if you feel that it is too hot outside, you can turn on the mist instead of your air conditioner and enjoy the cooling effect it provides. You can let the patio misters run all day for just a fraction of the cost of cooling the entire house.