5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Home from Garden City Realty instead of Leasing One

Did you know that Garden City Realty brokers are more than happy to help the potential occupants decide whether to get a condo unit or a house itself? They give their clients different brochures together with the price brackets so they can already weigh their options before sitting down with the broker and closing the deal.

Not all brokers are trained this way since there are some brokers who are only after meeting their monthly sales quotas. They do not exert any effort especially after they have already closed the deal. What is great about Garden City Realty is that their goal is to provide the best housing options to their clients. You can also visit li-realestatefinder the winery and try out the vintage wines.

For them, they would love to explain to their future clients that there are 5 reasons why they should have their own homes instead of merely leasing.

Reason #1: U.S. Tax Breaks.

The U.S. Tax Code allows you to make deductions on the interest that you will be paying. The payables are similar to the mortgages, property taxes, and other costs that are included when you purchase the house.

Reason #2: Real Property Gain

Real EstatesOverall, the prices of homes throughout the country have increased by 5.4% in the last five years. Though there are no guarantees that the purchased investment will have a steady appreciation, having a home of your own will endow you with a higher ROI should you wish to sell it in the near future. Such appreciations will not be achieved if the invested capital is to be used instead to pay leasing fees.

Reason #3: No Owed Money with the Federal Income Tax

Buying a house from Garden City Realty will give the buyer a savings plan since he will not be at a loss when he sells the property within the next few years. It is mandated by law that married couples who have acquired such assets will have savings of as much as $500,000 without having to worry about owing Federal Income Tax with unpaid dues.

Reason #4: Sense of Freedom and Ownership

If you decide to lease a condo unit or even a house in this manner, your customization of the unit’s interior will be limited. You cannot add another floor to your house or tear down the small room to design it as adjoining with the next room. There are many possibilities you can have when you own the house you are living in.

Reason #5: Social Awareness in Living with a Community

Living in a rented space will not give your home an identity since it may not be yours if you fail to pay the rent. If you have your own home, the house itself becomes an extension of your personality that allows neighbors in the community to associate the place with its occupants. It is like saying “The gentleman who lives in the house with the purple roof is to be elected as the new homeowners’ association president.” It is a much more cordial appellation than “the one who lives in apartment 4G.”