Buying Pre-owned Vs Brand New Callaway Golf Clubs

Callaway golf clubs are known for their superior quality, but usually come with a big price tag. Well, you can buy pre-owned golf clubs. Yes, these golf clubs are secondhand but they are still of excellent condition. The question though is, “should you go for pre-owned or brand new?”

What are the things you need to remember when buying pre-owned golf clubs?

Discounted Price

GolfIn golf, your clubs are the most important investment you could and should have. However, when you do not have money to spend on brand new golfing equipment, the next option is buying pre-owned ones. These pre-owned clubs are cheaper than their brand new counterparts. You can buy them at a discounted price, and they often come with a money-back guarantee.

Certified Callaway Golf Club

To ensure you are buying the real deal, check whether the golf equipment is certified. That way, you do not have to worry about it being counterfeit.

Quality golf Clubs

Despite being pre-owned, these clubs still have the same quality as that of brand new ones. The company refurbishes the club before it is sent to you. Performance is still at its best.


If you dislike the golf club you bought, you could send it back and ask for a refund. Do take note however, that the money you’ll get depends on how long you’ve been using the club. Remember that these guarantees differ among companies, so it would surely be necessary to read the fine print before you decide to purchase a secondhand club.


Getting a custom fit club is still possible when buying pre-owned. Grip and shaft length are the parts that can be customized. Grip handle can be changed according to your preference, while the shaft length can be increased or decreased according to your ability or handicap as a golfer.

Limited Golf clubs

The only drawback of going for pre-owned clubs is limited stocks. Most companies only trade in a limited style of golf clubs. So, your choices are only limited to what is offered in their pre-owned online store.

Shipment Costs

Another drawback is you pay for any shipment cost for every item sent, regardless of whether it’s for replacement or a trade-in.

Options in Buying a Pre-owned Golf Club
Buy from Certified retailer

Callaway Golf authorizes retailers and they are listed in the company’s online store. Check the nearest retailer near you and ask if they have pre-owned golf clubs. The disadvantage is not all retailers have pre-owned clubs.


Another way of owning a pre-owned club is trading in your old clubs at a price equal to the value of your trade-ins. In case the value of what you’re trading in isn’t enough, you have to pay for the difference. Even though you are paying for the difference, the amount is minimal and is often discounted. However, you have to know the allowable condition clubs for trade ins. Golf club heads that rattle are not accepted. A slight shaft burn due to constant use is okay, but grips that were replaced through DIY means are not allowed. For a complete guide, it would be better to ask for assistance from the company before sending in your clubs for trading.

Swap with friends or colleagues

It is common to swap with friends and colleagues. If your friend or colleague is generous, you can have a pre-owned club without having to pay for the difference in value. However, you have to remember that the club may not be custom fit for you. Yes, you have seen the performance of the club, but consider the fact that it was your friend using it. You and your friend have different overall physiques despite any similarities in height and arm length. Your swing may still be a lot different from that of your colleague.

Buying Brand New

Brand new equipment cost a lot. You can avail of discounts but the club may still be expensive and may not be within your budget. The advantage is you have more choices, compared to buying pre-owned. You do not have to wait for available stocks since every store has stocks.

Though, no one is stopping you from investing in brand new golf clubs. Considering your budget, buying pre-owned Callaway Golf clubs is definitely an option. Buying pre-owned golf clubs enables you to save money while you are looking for the perfect fit. Especially if you area newbie in the sport, pre-owned clubs may be a better choice.

You can still send back the brand new golf club after trying it in a few rounds in golf, exchanging it for another one. However, such practice would be the same as wasting money. Remember, every item you send back to the company (because you dislike how the club performs), you end up paying for shipment expenses.