In recent times, the practice of cremation has gained an increase in prominence as a preferred alternative to conventional interment. Be that as it may, still many conservatives cling on to the long-established funerary customs they are familiar with. However, there are sound reasons as to why others choose this rite over ordinary burial, just as there are ways to do so and still be able to cater to tradition.

funeralAmong the reasons why cremation has become so favored is the concern over burial costs. One may not wish to saddle their families with the burden of paying for an expensive funeral, and thus they see having their remains cremated as the only viable cost-effective option. Some reasons are personal, such as wanting to remain near their loved ones even after death. There are those who belong to religions wherein such a ritual is considered customary.

And then there are those with rather unconventional reasons for their choice. Some would cite environmental factors; there is only so much space left in the ground for a grave to take up after all. There are even those who wish to have their ashes used as soil to plant flowers or trees in. Others are philosophical; there are those who request to have their remains be scattered out to sea or to be as one with the wind, a symbolic act of newfound freedom from the cares of life.

In deference to the traditionalists, cremation does not necessarily mean that a proper funeral is to be dispensed with –

There are crematories that have adjoining funeral chapels, and the deceased’s family has the choice of holding a funeral service before or after the body is to be cremated. Holding a funeral this way is actually an advantage. A body cannot be kept lying in repose for too long before decomposition sets in. But by having the ashes interred instead, it allows more time to plan the memorial service and get everyone together in due time to pay their final respects.

In the case of a post-cremation funeral, the departed’s ashes can be placed inside a traditional casket. Alternatively, the remains may also be placed in a special casket, which is not as costly as a regular one due to its simple design and the different materials used in building it. They can come in various styles depending on the taste and preference of the customer.

funeralIn lieu of a casket, the ashes of the deceased will of course be placed inside an urn. They come in many kinds, from hardwood to ceramic, and even bronze or steel. If one is undecided on the style of urn to go for, it’s best to put the remains in a temporary container for the time being. Temporary urns are also used if the ashes are not meant to be kept in possession, such as if they are intended to be scattered. As such, it is not recommended to put them on permanent display. These containers can also come in different materials, such as plastic or sheet bronze, and some even come in the form of a silk bag.

In anticipating the event of their passing, there are different reasons why many choose to be cremated rather than buried. But for the most part, it comes down to what they think is practical for them and the loved ones that they will leave behind. Old customs need not be discarded entirely, though. Do keep in mind that there is always room for a traditional funeral service before or after cremation, and at a lower cost than in a typical burial. For more services click