Learn More About a Cool Mister

CoolMistingFanUsing patio misters, also referred to as patio misting system, is one of the most effective ways of keeping the patio cool and refreshing during the hottest time of the day. Patio mister involves using a high pressure pump to lower the temperature outside by thirty degrees. This will make the environment much cooler, tolerable and more comfortable on your patio.

Benefits of Using Misters

One of the primary benefits of having patio misters is that it can make the temperature outside cooler even during summer. It can also keep the environment at the ideal moisture levels, which means not too dry, too muggy or too humid and less dust, pollen and other debris in the air. The misting system is very friendly to individuals who suffer allergies.

Function of Misters

Mist FanThe patio mister retrieves water from the water line and pump it through different tubes. The tubes include several nozzles that releases the water in the form of microscopic droplets. The tinier the droplets the better since it feels more like a real cool air. To release smaller droplets, you need higher pressure pumps.

If you don’t have the money to invest in a high pressure pump, you can opt for a lower pressure pump which is much cheaper but can still make the air cool and pleasant. As compared to higher pressure pump which can lower the temperature by 30 degrees, lower pressure pump can reduce the temperature only by 10 degrees. This can somewhat still improve the temperature on hot, uncomfortable days.

to Consider When Choosing a Mister

Patio misters are ideal for those who are living in hot, arid place. It is also beneficial in places with lots of humidity in the air. Also, if the temperature is above 90 degrees, humidity tends to lessen, and the patio misting system becomes more important.

Other Types of Misters

Sliding Door Misters

For those who don’t have a patio, installing a mister is still possible. You can install it at the edge of the roof, located above the windows and sliding door, this extends around 2” from your side wall. The misting system can make the sidewall cooler, especially when the sun is shining directly at it. It will reduce the cost of your electricity bill because it will drop down the heat transfer.

Balcony Misters

To cool down the temperature in your balcony during hot days, you can use a diverter valve on your faucet to connect the mister tubing. You can order the diverter valve, if you don’t have a garden hose faucet in your balcony.

Frame Misters

For a handy individual, you can put a PVC pipe frame and run your misters to produce a cubical with your side wall misting system.

Places Where You Can Install Misters

Misting systems have been used at resorts to provide comfort to the guests. They make sure that their guests will have a relaxing time while staying around the pool and patio areas. Some restaurants also use this technology. Every time water misting system is used, one thing is for sure, people are attracted to them like magnets. The cooling effect of water creates an oasis from the heat of the sun.

Using mister can help you in lowering your air conditioning bills. Even if it is 100 degrees outside, with your misting system you can reduce the temperature by 30 degrees or cooler. So, if you feel that it is too hot outside, you can turn on the mist instead of your air conditioner and enjoy the cooling effect it provides. You can let the patio misters run all day for just a fraction of the cost of cooling the entire house.